* 3. KVĚTNA 2010 / MAY 3rd, 2010




Eucker’s Tesoro (chinchilla silver)

CH. Elchakcharan's Jacky Chan of Eucker (shaded silver)

Sunnybeach Limited Edition (shaded silver)

Aritzia's Diamonds are Forever (shaded silver)

CH Sunnybeach Blaze of Glory (shaded golden)

CH Elchakcharan's Green Eye Jane (shaded golden)

Ch./CH Af Edal Loga Supersensual Gold (chinchilla golden)

Castlegate Coco C. of Elchakcharan (shaded golden)

Eucker's Mona Lisa (shaded silver)

Cedarswamp's Feng Shui of Eucker (shaded silver)

GC Cedarswamp's Kimba (shaded silver)

Cedarswamp's Shoa Nellie (chinchilla silver)

Eucker's Paso Doble (shaded silver)

Dalee Golden Charm of Eucker (chinchilla golden)

Beautifulkis Jockonda (shaded silver)


Gamesha’s Guinevere (shaded golden)

Czert Komtesa of King Diamond (black shaded golden)

Ch. Viny Snowblindness (shaded silver)

EC. Thicketyrun Geo (shaded silver)

Dalee Goldilocks (chinchilla golden)

Kerol Plája (shaded golden)

Ch. Qvido Golden z Elamu (shaded golden)

Patricie Komtesa (shaded silver)

Gamesha‘ Diana B.J. (black blotched golden)

Ch. Eucker's Biscuit of Gamesha (shaded golden)

Elchakcharan's Jacky Chan of Eucker (shaded silver)

Eucker's Paso Doble (shaded silver)

Eucker's Joyful Jazz of Gamesha (shaded silver)

Strieborna Ruza´s Buddha of Eucker (shaded silver)

Eucker's Dancing With Gods (shaded silver)










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